One territory, infinite opportunities

For the post-congress time, Arezzo and its surroundings offer numerous activities: from sports to culture, from food and wine to history.

The collaboration between Arezzo Fiere and the Municipality of Arezzo expands the post-event possibilities, opening the doors of the city and its main artistic and cultural attractions.

Arezzo Antiques Fair

The historic fair known throughout the world which takes place every first Sunday of the month

Discovering Casentino

Castles, medieval villages, churches, nature: in one word, Casentino!

Discovering Valtiberina

Historical meeting point of ancient civilizations and land of parks and museums

Etruscan and Roman Arezzo

The fascinating origins of Arezzo dating back to Etruscan and Roman times

Two days in Arezzo

The attractions to visit for those who can enjoy more than one day of post-congress activities

One day in Arezzo

The truly unmissable attractions for your post-congress activity

The Legend of the True Cross

Discovering the interpretations of the famous masterpiece by Piero della Francesca

Discovering Medieval Arezzo

Among churches, palaces and tower houses: tours to discover the secrets of Arezzo dating back to the Middle Ages

Discovering Valdichiana

An amazing tour in one of the 4 valleys of Arezzo: an authentic journey through history and taste

Discovering the wines of the Terre di Arezzo

Travel the roads around Arezzo admiring the vineyard landscapes, visit cellars and taste wines

Discovering Giorgio Vasari

Itinerary that will take you to admire the Vasari masterpieces kept in Arezzo

Food Experience in Arezzo

Find out the dishes of the Arezzo culinary tradition in the many restaurants, trattorias and farmhouses

Giostra del Saracino

The Giostra del Saracino takes place in Piazza Grande twice a year, in June and September

Shopping Experience

Moments of shopping immersed in a relaxed and suggestive atmosphere

Sport and Nature

Many opportunities for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the beauty of the area and experience exciting sports activities